Everything You Need To Know About Robotics Internship

Just like any other practical skill in the world, internships can also go a long way in teaching a novice the ins and outs of the world of robotics. There are hundreds of companies out there that have extremely attractive internship programs which are the perfect opportunities for students and even graduates to learn how the industry functions.

If you’ve ever been interested in a robotics internship but are lost on how and where you should begin, then this article was written just for you. We’re going to go over why you should sign up for a robotics internship, the tasks you’ll be doing, applying to be an intern, and finally, end with a recommended robotics internship that will definitely skyrocket your level of expertise. Let’s jump right into it.

What Sort of Work Will You Do During an Internship?

First off, all types of positions related to robotics are up for grabs when it comes to internships. However, these aren’t the only spots you can fill in for. Basically, being in the field of robotics doesn’t mean that you will exclusively be handling just the assembly and production of robotics. There are hundreds of jobs in a company apart from the obvious ones. These include things like technical writers, finance managers, HR individuals, etc. So,  in addition to the technical aspects of the building robotics, you can also be a part of the non-technical aspects mentioned above. This pretty much means that you could belong to a completely different industry, yet still be an intern in a state-of-the-art robotics facility.

Benefits of Robotics Internships

Robotics Internships can really give you an edge over your peers and if you wish to continue on a career of robotics in the future, you really have to give them a shot. Regardless, here are a few perks of signing up for a robotics internship during your free time.

Gain a Hands-on Experience of the Industry

Basically, when you’re enrolled for a robotics internship, or literally any internship for that matter, you’re gaining invaluable knowledge of the internal working of that industry. You already know what that company is achieving, but the steps or processes they follow to achieve that certain task will be unknown till you become part of those said processes. That’s where internships can come in handy. They can teach you how to monetarily benefit off of your skills and help mold your work into something that will be appreciated by an organization once you graduate and start looking for a job.

Saving Your Future Employers Time and Money

The mind of an employer works in a weird, yet pretty justifiable way. Companies realize that fresh graduates are amateurs and they will require someone to hold their hand during the first few months. This is the training phase and requires the employer to spend a decent bit of time and money to train the employee. But, what if the boss was given a choice? He could either hire a fresh graduate with zero experience or he could hire a fresh graduate who did a year of internship at a rival firm. The second individual knows how a company works, he can work well in a team, he’s got experience, he’s got all the things needed to play a key role in a robotics company. Who would the employer prefer to hire? The answer is clearly obvious. By investing time into an internship, you’re saving your future employers valuable resources and putting yourself at an advantage as opposed to everyone else vowing for the same job opportunity.

Learning to Function in a Practical World

The classroom can only teach you that many things. And, when it comes down to it, a degree will only get you through the doors of a company. How you make your way to the top is totally up to you. During an internship program, you will familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the practical world including some of the dark stuff like the politics that goes on inside a workplace. Your preparing yourself for these scenarios in advance that will probably give you a really hard time once you do start a job with a robotics firm in the near future.

Eligibility Criterion

The eligibility criteria varies from company to company. While some organizations may be perfectly okay with hiring clean slates or people that have minimal amount of experience with robotics, most will require you to have a certain level of skill. When we say ‘certain level of skill’, we mean to say that you need to know how to code. Some languages you need to know are Python and Arduino. These two will get you in pretty much any robotics company. Apart from that, it will also be extremely helpful if you know object oriented programming along with some level of assembly skills.

Time Frame to Apply

This also varies among different institutions. Most of the time companies hire around the year and will have spots open no matter when you come to them. But, there are a few companies that are solely dedicated for students and providing internship opportunities to college and high school students. If you sign up with such companies, there’s a good chance that you’ll only be able to find position during summer break.

The Amazon Robotics Internship

Now that we have made your life easier and you’ve found out a lot more a robotics internships than you knew before, we would like to go ahead and make things even easier. Basically, there are thousands upon thousands of companies out there that are looking to hire interns. But, we are going to help you pick one by proposing a company that is literally the best option out there if you’re into robotics. It’s the dream internship for everyone interested in the field of robotics and it’s called Amazon Robotics.

What is Amazon Robotics?

A lot of you may be on Amazon for several hours of each day, yet you have never heard about Amazon Robotics. Basically, Amazon Robotics is responsible for developing mobile robotic fulfilment systems. The company was founded by Mick Mountz with Peter Wurman and Raffaello D’Andrea as the technical heads and in 2003, the company Kiva Systems was born. Kiva served it’s purpose well enough and created robots capable of lifting over a ton of cargo. This came to the attention of Amazon and in March of 2012, Amazon completed the acquisition of Kiva Systems for $775 million.

The Internships

That was enough about the history of the company, let’s carry on to the internship. Basically, the reason why we claim that Amazon Robotics Internships are the best option for young candidates is that they do things a lot different as opposed to other firms. You’re not just a backseat driver following your supervisor where he goes. You’re going to be the one making decisions. Amazon gives you the chance to be an integral part of the team instead of being the nerd that sits in the corner and scribbles on his notebook.

Getting into Amazon Robotics is a little difficult since its one of the most sought after internship programs in America. You’ll need to really step up your application if you wish to make it in. But, once you do, we can guarantee that Amazon will truly allow you to implement every small skill you’ve learn in your educational institution. The will let you get you hands dirty as soon as you walk in through the doors. Amazon claims that they will not waste even a second of your time, and if we know anything about the company, it’s that they fulfill that claim fairly well.

Closing Thoughts

With that being said, we sincerely hope that we were able to convince you to jump on the robotics internship hype train. The thing is that there aren’t many industries out there as technical and as hands-on as robotics. We’re not saying that it’s impossible to get a job and perform well without having done a prior internship, but we are saying that things will get a lot more harder if you know nothing about the practical portion of the industry. Internships will make your life a lot easier, and if you want to make a name for yourself within the hierarchy of an organization and you want to do it fast, an internship is just the shortcut that you’ve been looking for.